The Tanker Proposal RFP has been published here and available to download. Below is general information about the grant:

Deep Creek Volunteer Fire Company

Request for Proposals: Tanker

Notice of Request for Proposals (RFP) – Click here to access the bid documents.

Deep Creek Volunteer Fire Company (the “Company”) has been awarded an Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) to purchase one (1) tanker apparatus. Per the terms of the award, the apparatus shall be new and of current design and manufacture; used or refurbished equipment is unacceptable. Proposals will only be considered from companies which have established a favorable reputation in the field of fire apparatus construction.

The company will accept sealed proposals for apparatus meeting the specifications detailed in this document from interested and qualified vendors. All price quotes must be valid for a minimum of 60 days from the date of submittal.

All proposals must be received at:

Deep Creek Volunteer Fire Company

PO Box 419

McHenry, MD 21541

All envelopes must be clearly marked: “TANKER PROPOSAL”

All proposals must be received no later than: 5:00 pm on October 31, 2022

Proposals may be hand-delivered or sent via U.S. Mail or private carrier, or via email to: jking@garrettcounty.org

Oral, fax, or other forms of bid will not be accepted.

All proposals become the property of Deep Creek Volunteer Fire Company and will not be returned. Mailed proposals that are delivered after the submission deadline will not be accepted regardless of the postmarked time on the envelope.

Vendors should carefully consider all delivery options and select a method that will ensure successful delivery prior to the submission deadline.

Vendors who have questions and wish to request clarification or otherwise need to contact the company regarding this specification may contact:

Jason King, Fire Chief


Any proposal may be withdrawn by providing written notice prior to the submittal deadline.

Documents Required

  1. Vendors shall ensure all items below have been included with their proposal. Failure to provide these requirements may be cause for rejection of the bid.
  2. Proposals must contain the following:
  3. A detailed specification for the apparatus and any ancillary equipment provided, including itemized quantities and per unit costs, and detailed descriptions/prices of available options.
    • A list of any exceptions to the specifications listed in this document. For each exception, the bidder must explain the details of the exception and offer, if available, an alternative feature.
    • A drawing of the proposed apparatus, including the following:
      1. five views (front, rear, left side, right side, top)
      2. indications of overall length, width and height and wheelbase
      3. indications of angle of departure, shown in degrees
      4. a representative graphic of a firefighter to provide relative information regarding overall dimensions
    • Each proposal shall furnish satisfactory evidence of the manufacturer’s ability to construct the apparatus as specified and show proof that the manufacturer is in a position to render prompt service to repair said apparatus. To this end, each bidder shall furnish the following information:
      1. A customer listing of at least three (3) like units and the name/location of the fire company where these units are presently in service.
      2. Documentation of the length of time the vendor has been manufacturing fire apparatus.
    • Copy of all warranties provided by the manufacturer.
    • Certificate of Insurance (COI) or affidavit indicating product liability insurance.
    • A detailed manufacturing timeline and expected date of final delivery.

Detailed Specification

The following specification represents minimum requirements, and any equipment offered must meet or exceed these requirements. Vendors who are interested in proposing “equal or better than” alternate products shall include detailed information on the proposed product with their proposal. The overall safety of the fire company’s firefighters, price, and the perceived efficiency of operations will weigh heavily in the final determination of the acceptability of alternate products during the review process.

Per the terms of a FY2021 Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) award, Deep Creek Volunteer Fire Company intends to purchase one (1) tanker apparatus with 2,500-gallon capacity tank and a 1500 GPM pump.

General Requirements

  1. All aspects of the fire apparatus body are to be entirely designed, assembled, and painted by the prime vehicle manufacturer, which minimizes third party involvement on engineering, design, service, and warranty issues.
  2. The apparatus shall conform to the National Fire Protection Association Standard for Automotive Fire Apparatus, number 1901 (“NFPA 1901”), in its most recent edition. The apparatus shall further conform to all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. No exceptions permitted.
  3. The design of the apparatus shall be in accordance with current best engineering practices. The design and accessory installation shall permit accessibility for use, maintenance, and service. All components and assemblies shall be free of hazardous protrusions, sharp edges, cracks, or other elements, which might cause injury to personnel or damage to equipment.
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